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San Angelo, Tx

We Feed the World

“Our newly renovated, state of the art facility located in the heart of Texas, prides itself with industry seasoned professionals dedicated to quality, safety, and consistent procedures yielding top productsglobally. Texas Packing Company has established strong relationships with their cattle providers to ensure the best hands are raising our cattle. Texas Packing Company aims to continuously raise the bar in the beef and protein industry and provide products ranging from prime to no roll beef products. In addition, Texas Packing Company also provides custom harvest and feeding programs for our customers. “We Feed the World,” is our motto and our mission. At Texas Packing Company, we strive to provide quality products worldwide.”

Sales Contact Info

“Texas Packing Company works to provide the best products in the beef industry. Our sales team has multiple years of experience, knowledge about the beef industry, and diverse backgrounds. When we combine those qualities together we create a team with a goal to provide the best possible service for our customers. Get in contact with our bilingual sales representatives for any questions.”

Contact our Office at 325-716-4047

Cattle procurement statement

Texas Packing Company strives to raise and source the best quality beef cows and bulls. Our newly renovated, state of the art harvest plant is designed to ensure the best yield for our producers. As one of our top priorities, we build and retain strong relationships with our cattle providers and partner with experienced buyers.

Contact: John Shultz at (325)-450-0219 to discuss supply opportunities

We Feed the World


“13% of the cattle in the US are in Texas”

“Texas has over 130 million acres of farmland, spread over 248,000 farms.”

“Texas has more cattle on feed than Australia and Canada combined.”